There is not enough purple in my world

Looking for some fun, family friendly ideas so make the summer months in Vegas go by quickly? Here are some of my favorite ideas to help!

1. Visit Disneyland!emma
Because it’s only 4 hours away, and it’s the happiest place on Earth! On. Earth. Why wouldn’t you go there?

2. Magic Mountain!
Perhaps now quite as “magical” as the name implies, but it’s got big rides and it’s much more budget friendly than Disneyland. Plus, it’s right next door to Disneyland, so you can just make it an extended trip!

3. Check out Oregon
Once you’re done with rides why not just drive on up on Oregon? It’s absolutely beautiful in the Summer and you’ll get to see a whole new color called “green.” It’s everywhere so you can’t miss it!

4. Explore Canada
Check to make sure you’ve got your passport, because once you’re through Washington (watch out for Vampires) you’ll be in Canada! Be sure to check out the igloos and whatever else happens to be in Canada.

5. Cruise Around Alaska
So now you’re tired of driving having driven from Nevada to Alaska, why not relax and take a nice cruise? Summer is the only time Alaska isn’t covered in darkness and ice, so it’s the perfect chance to view the scenery from on deck in your cruise ship.

6. Trek to the North Pole
Keep driving North until you can’t drive no mo. Then you’ll have to negotiate with a local fisherman to take you in his boat up north a little further. (You can save some money if you already know how to drive a boat) Make sure you bring comfortable shoes, because eventually there will be a lot of walking!

7. Scope Out Greenland
After the North Pole you can warm up by heading down to Greenland. In Plague Inc (a game where you try to destroy the world by spreading a disease around the world) Greenland is almost always the last place to be destroyed (if the disease gets there at all) so in the case of an outbreak it is definitely the place to go. While there, be sure to find a good place to live with your family should a move be necessary.

8. New York, Baby!
As the Summer starts to cool down you can head down to New York. See a show, Statue of Liberty, the works!

9. Bathe in Niagara Falls
Time to start heading back West to make it back for school. Why not pop back in to Canada for a minute to show under a water fall? It’s been about 30 years since I’ve been there, but I hear they’re still lovely and very refreshing.

10. If all else fails
And you can’t do any of the other things on this list, this Vegasite’s final recommendation for what to do in the Summer is to leave Vegas. It’s hot. Or just stay inside with good air conditioning.


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